Join Taste Curator Grace Mattingly for an engaging tasting experience that will expand your palate and awaken your senses. In each of our tastings, we’ll take a deep dive into understanding what makes one product better—or simply—different from another and empower you with the skills to confidently make selections back at home.



Two words: “chocolate soda.” If that’s not enough to get you interested in this decadent tasting, we’ll also explore the “bean to bar” process of refining gourmet chocolate, while tasting samples from all over the world—including some local treasures. Our chocolates are carefully paired with your choice of beer, wine, or tea. Ending with a warm cup of sipping chocolate, this exceptional tasting will transform how you think about chocolate.



Let’s be honest: many of our favorite comfort foods—popcorn, toasted bread, steamed artichokes—are really just an excuse to enjoy some butter. As delicious as it is, butter can be taken to new heights with the techniques we’ll showcase in this tasting, including browning, baking, and compounding. Paired with fresh bread, raw vegetables, and local salts, the variety of butters we present will offer a surprising and sophisticated tasting experience.

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Creating a Cheese Plate

A well-executed cheese plate is a work of art. Selecting the right cheeses to create balance, contrast, and harmony—while also being delicious and enjoyable—is a skill worth learning for any host, and this tasting will illustrate some of the basics. While sampling a variety of our favorites, we’ll share some tips for putting together plates that your guests will love.