From learning to chop stubborn ingredients with ease to effortlessly crafting a perfect cocktail, our hands-on workshops will help you create a solid foundation of techniques that will improve your home cooking.


Making a Cocktail

Join our master cocktail maker Grace Mattingly and explore the ins and outs of creating a great libation. During this relaxing and informative workshop, you’ll learn about base spirits, what compliments them, and how to reach the perfect balance between heat, acid, and sweetness. Hands-on participation includes a taste of the final product. 


Knife Care and Skills

Explore the differences between Japanese and European knives while you come to appreciate various styles and their specific purpose. See how to properly hold and use these culinary tools as well as observe knives being sharpened using two methods.

Bring one of your own knives to be sharpened by Chef Higgins. Please note: sharpening may cause minor scratches on the blade of your knife. No sharpening will be offered for pure stainless steel knives.


pantry planning 101

The thing that often separates good home cooks from kitchen all-stars is the ability to whip up a delicious dish in a pinch. With enough time to prepare and buy the right ingredients, most of us can follow a recipe. But what happens when plans fall through? 

In this class, we’ll go over the list of must-have items that should always be in your pantry. Learn what to use when, where to find them, and what short cuts you can take to conjure up something wonderful on short notice.Leave with a long list of pantry packers—you choose what will work best in your kitchen!

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Fruit Carving

With some careful planning and a few simple tricks, a colorful fruit-carving display makes for a breathtaking centerpiece. Chef Higgins will show you some of the magic behind transforming everyday produce into works of art. With these skills in your culinary tool kit, the decorative touches for your next dinner party will be unforgettable.


kitchen equipment 101

You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to be a great home cook: you just need the right tools at the right time. In this class, we’ll help you sort through the vast array of kitchen gadgets to find the best-quality essentials – the tools you’ll rely on for the most important culinary tasks.  

We will walk through what we use in the Aurora Cooks! kitchen and why we’ve chosen each specific style and brand. We’ll also discuss those kitchen tools we have all been duped into buying but don’t really need! If you’re just getting into home cooking for the first time—or if you’d like to cut down on kitchen clutter—this class is for you.