With delectable tastes and take-away tips for applying expert techniques in your own home, our signature 90-minute demonstrations are engaging and intimate culinary experiences. Enjoy a glass or two of wine, a craft beer, or a hand-blended cup of tea as you watch, learn, and taste the magic behind a truly well-made meal with Executive Chef Patrick Higgins and Taste Curator Grace Mattingly.


Sous Vide

Sous-vide cooking is an amazing culinary innovation. Chef Higgins will show you how everything—from meat to vegetables to desserts—can be cooked to perfection using this scientific technique. If you’re a futurist who enjoys the latest gadgets, or if you’ve ever wanted to cook steak with mathematical precision, this demonstration experience is for you!


Cast Iron

For serious cooks, a lovingly seasoned cast-iron pan has a mythical quality. Cast-iron pans develop their own personalities, imparting unique flavors to the dishes cooked in them. This is one of the most versatile techniques you can learn, and Chef Higgins will happily share some secrets with you in this fun and informative demonstration.



Making pasta from scratch is one of the best ways to dramatically transform familiar dishes. The subtle textures and flavors of fresh, made-by-hand pasta can turn everyday meals into something spectacular. In this demonstration, Chef Higgins will introduce you to the basics of making pasta at home with a few basic ingredients, as well as some simple techniques for outstanding results.



Knowing how to cook seafood can be tricky: bringing out the delicate flavors of a great seafood recipe takes confidence. In this cooking demonstration, Chef Higgins will walk you through the fundamentals of choosing the right seafood, basic preparation, and cooking crowd-pleasing seafood recipes like mussels and lobster.


Braising & Beer

Braising is an under-appreciated cooking technique—one of the simplest and most satisfying ways to turn vegetables and basic cuts of meat into rib-sticking comfort food. Chef Higgins will show you how to braise different ingredients with beers, wines, and stocks, using slow-cooking methods to make hearty, delicious dishes.


vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and vegetarian dishes can be much more than just a substitute for “real” recipes. Grains and vegetables can be exciting focal points for extraordinary meals with no need for meat. In our vegan and vegetarian cooking demonstrations, Chef Higgins will teach you how to add to your culinary creativity by reimagining ingredients in exciting ways.



If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then brunch is often the most fun. The techniques you learn from this cooking demonstration will wow your guests—including perfectly poached eggs, delicate hollandaise, and sparkling mimosas. Chef Higgins has some delicious and little-known recipes (ever heard of a Dutch baby?) for putting together a classy brunch spread that your friends and family will love.

This outstanding demonstration includes a full three-course meal for you to enjoy!



Imagine the joy of pulling a fresh loaf of bread out of your oven on a rainy day. Your home fills with the aroma of baking; you have your favorite butter or jam waiting to be spread on the first warm slice. Baking your own bread is so rewarding, and the skills to do it are much easier to learn than people think. In this cooking demonstration, Chef Higgins will guide you through several different styles of bread-making, while you enjoy an assortment of sandwiches, dips and jams in the comfort of our demonstration kitchen.

Chinese Takeout

Ever wonder how your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant makes their egg rolls so crispy? In this fun and engaging cooking demonstration, Chef Higgins will explore some of our favorite takeout-inspired Chinese dishes, like sesame chicken, while de-mystifying the culinary techniques that create these wonderful meals. We might even give you some pointers on the most difficult part of Chinese takeout meals – using chopsticks!



Caribbean cooking

Caribbean food represents one of the world’s most diverse and exciting culinary styles. It’s a fusion of many cultural influences from around the world, including flavors and ingredients from India, Africa, Spain, China, and the Middle East. Each dish is a scavenger hunt of intersecting histories. What we call “Caribbean food” is itself made up of dozens of different local variations on popular dishes – a rich tradition of culinary creativity. You could spend a lifetime exploring the food of this region; in this cooking demonstration, we’ll explore just a few of these wonderful dishes.